Neoprene Backpack TOKIO - grey

  • Product Description:

      1. Height: 40cm x Width: 34cm x Depth: 16cm

      2. Fits laptops and tablets up to 15"

      3. Body: Neoprene

      4. Handle and shoulder straps reinforcement from top grade Italian calfskin

      5. Adjustable padded shoulder strap

      6. Matt black two-way zipper from Riri (Switzerland)

      7. Water resistant pink canvas inner lining

      8. Handmade in Varese, Italy

      9. Special design characteristics: Quilted side pockets for additional storage and quick access

  • Carry the business on your back everywhere you go in style with a new neoprene designer rucksack! Travelers, bloggers, models, adventurers… We have a perfect backpack for you. Made of durable premium-quality materials, our neoprene rucksack made in Italy is the designer rucksack you’ve been looking for. You will no longer have to decide between practicality and fashion. Now, you will have a practical and fashionable backpack at your service!

    The grey color of the neoprene backpack makes it easy to mix adjust to your outfits. Grey, generally, goes well with black, white, red, yellow, green, navy, and pink. Of course, you may have your unique color combinations that this travel rucksack can complete perfectly. The chic design of the neoprene backpack fits the formal and street style 2021. Depending on the rest of your outfit, you can look professional or casual, it’s your choice! In any case, Rosenstaub's travel backpack will adapt to your style.

    Designer backpacks are extremely popular worldwide. However, we at Rosenstaub noticed that there are either stylish backpacks or practical backpacks. It is difficult to find a travel rucksack that is both, fashionable and useful. As a response to that issue, we designed the Neoprene Backpack TOKIO. Finally, our fashionistas can find backpacks that satisfy all their needs aesthetically and productively!

    Since it is a water-repellent backpack, you can use this item like a beach rucksack, laptop backpack or a travel backpack. The shoulder straps of our designer rucksack are adjustable and comfortable, reinforced with black Italian leather. No matter how many hours you spend on the road, this travel rucksack will stay durable and reliable. Neoprene backpacks are easy to maintain. Our grey rucksack will surely become your reliable companion from the moment you put it on your back! If you want to refresh your outfits at some point, you can also buy other variants of the same neoprene backpack at Rosenstaub.


  • Care:

    1. Do not machine wash

    2. Easy to clean with a microfiber cloth and some water

    3. Stains can additionally be treated with some soap or mild shampoo


    1. Top quality neoprene with a smooth feel

    2. Made in Italy

    3. Pink lining

    4. Quilted front pockets with leather flaps

    5. Matt black zipper by Riri

    Our Inspiration:

    1. Designing a business bag that caters to functional and aesthetical needs at the same time

    Payment Methods:

    1. Paypal

    2. Credit Card (Amex, Mastercard, Visa)

    3. Sofort Pay by Klarna

    4. Pay Later by Klarna (Germany & Austria)

    5. Slice It by Klarna (Germany & Austria)

    6. Wire Transfer


We used meticulously sourced materials and worked with the best regional manufacturers in the Milan area in Italy. Together we explored edgy twists in the detail and concepts of this collection. One thing runs through all our lines: a not so subtle pink lining as an ever so subtle feminine undertone.


Our neoprene backpack is lightweight and offers enough space for a 15" laptop and a few clothing pieces. The quilted side pockets allow easy access to your most needed essentials. The padded and adjustable shoulder straps make this backpack extremely comfortable.

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