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About Us

Claudia Weingarte - Founder of Rosenstaub


"Our handmade neoprene bags combine classic craftsmanship with today’s athleisure tropes. Each bag is made in Italy or Germany and designed with a vibrant courage of our own. Our methods keep regional craft alive, while our combinations of offbeat materials and colors allow us to play between the lines of established styles. Rosenstaub was born of craft and color. It is our mission to meticulously source materials and the best regional manufacturers. Together we explore edgy twists in the detail and concepts of our collections. One thing runs through all our lines: a not so subtle pink lining as an ever so subtle feminine undertone. We believe in three things: The invaluable social impact and inimitable quality of regional small batch production and challenging the boundaries between established styles. With each belief at the heart of every decision, we support our teams’ work, as we join a new wave of brands setting new standards for a culturally rich future built on people, integrity and courage." Claudia Weingarte, founder

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